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My Research Experience

When this assignment was assigned, I was both nerves and excited. I was nerves about the group idea, working with someone who I probably have nothing in common with.  I was excited to get some hands on experience with my final project without all the pressure.

When I was teamed up with Stephanie, I didn’t know what to expect at first but once we started talking and she took the first role as Dr. Researcher everything went well.  As Dr. Researcher she addresses the question “necessary improvements on Queens College campus”.  Stephanie ask me what changes do I think needed to be made at Queens’s college campus and the first think I thought of was parking issue for students. She made me feel very comfortable in answering her questions, in the sense that she opened up too me bout her own experience with the parking issue. We went outside to the nearest parking lot to have a look at the parking issue on campus, while we were walking; we were still talking, so the interview didn’t feel as an interview but like a conversation.  When we got to the parking lot, there were about two spots available but this was after 3pm so most students were already gone for the day.  The reason why I have such an issue with parking, is I start at 10am and their have been occasions where I’ve missed class because I could find a spot.  I never bother with the lottery for parking because you and your still not guaranteed a spot. I was wondering, sine we have more commuters students compared to residents, wouldn’t it be wiser to have more parking lots instead of a dorm?

When it came time to switch roles I was Dr. Researcher and I wanted to find out about the quality of dining facilities on Queens College campus, because my personal experience were not the best.  Honestly, I had expected Stephanie’s experience to be either the same as mine or similar to mine so we headed out to the diner in student union. I tried my best make Stephanie feel as comfortable as she did for me, so kept the conversation going as I asked her “what do you think about the dining facilities on campus”?  To my surprise, she said “it’s pretty good and she doesn’t have a problem with it.”  I was surprise because I have always experience it to very crowded at all time.  As we entered the diner, I was shock, it was so empty, no lines, and lots of seats to sit and have a meal.  I have just been going there at the wrong time.

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~ by nalicia21 on March 7, 2010.

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  1. Great entry, Nalicia. Please check your spelling before posting! Even 9if this is “just” a blog, it’s still academic writing and I will chekc for spelling and wording. Thanks.

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